How to look handsome with a Dad Bod

look handsome dad bod


How to look Handsome with a Dad Bod

The goal is to look stylish, and handsome

It takes an effort to look good and many people will not know how to make it happen or will lack the energy to follow through. Just putting in a bit of effort will elevate you above the average guy instantly. So get ready for a bit of an attitude adjustment and let’s put a little effort into getting you looking stylish. 

Know what you want to look like. You should know what you are going for. Knowing your goal makes perfect sense when you think about it. You should have a game plan in mind of what you want to look like so you can wisely shop for outfits. Have the foresight to find what you need to complete your look. Some of the different looks could be sporty, casual, sleek. 

What do you have in your closet? Clean out all the things that you don’t like or that is out of style. Having less to work with can be a good thing because you know what your outfits are. Take note of what you are throwing out. For example, if you seem to hate all your golf shirts, maybe golf shirts are not right for you, or perhaps you are not buying the right ones. Take note of these lessons and use them when you go shopping.

Have excellent basic pieces 

Basic pieces are items of clothes that you can wear with anything. These types of basic pieces of clothes that can go with anything, remove a lot of the effort out of getting dressed. You will never find yourself asking “does this look good?” because you will already have done the work of knowing your style. For a guy, your basic items maybe a good pair of jeans that fit very nice and a tee shirt that is an excellent 1st layer. If you find a brand that works very well for you why not pick up a couple of different colors to build a foundation for your wardrobe. 

Get quilty basics

You will rarely regret buying quilty if you are going to wash and wear something over and over. These clothes have to stand the test of time and hold shape, color, and size. 

Good outerwear pieces 

Have an excellent selection of jackets, you can throw it over a basic outfit, and you will look pulled together and stylish. Coats and jackets are a great option for guys who are carrying a couple of extra pounds to look thinner. The jacket will broaden your shoulders making you look slim. 

Button down shirts 

If it is too warm to wear a jacket a button down shirt is a great way to wear a third-piece of clothes to finish the look of your outfit. You will want to put a bit of money into your button-down shirts. If the fabric is right, it will hold its shape and shape your body any display your excellent taste. 

Dry cleaning

I’m a fan of dry cleaning my valued tops. A cheaply made shirt can look good longer if a dry cleaner washes and presses it. On a button down shirt, the collar will be stiff and sharp, and the overall shape of the shirt will be what it was when you tried it on in the store. If you don’t want to use a dry cleaner at very least you can buy wrinkle-free shirts and learn to iron. Spray starch and a bit of practice with an iron and an ironing board can yield some good results over doing nothing. 

A stylish man bag

Do you carry a bag? Weather for your laptop or frequent travel, make sure you buy a bag that is stylish, mature and looks good with what you wear. Pick one that works with your lifestyle. 

Learn the military tuck

This type of shirt tuck can be used to get the slim look out of any shirt. The way it works is to fold the loose fabric of the shirt away, so the shirt is not baggy around your torsional. Using your seam that goes from your armpit and down. Fold any loose fabric from your back under and hold it all together with your waistline or belt. 

Becoming above average is not so hard

Being handsome is not just about your God-given good looks. Realy if you want to stick out as a handsome man, you need to be aware of your image, inside and out. You need to come across as mature, sophisticated, have class, be confident and an appearance of status. All these things make you magnetic to a woman. 

How clothes can increase your status

You are always being compared to other people. A man in a sleek dress shirt and a boy in an oversized tee shirt is the same person just dressed differently. Clothes can make the man. Take your clothing up-a-notch, learn how to wear what you have more stylishly. Take small steps to increase your status through your clothes. 

Want to be Handsome, avoid any feminine fashion trend

Feminine fashion trends pop up, and you may think that they are stylish. But these trends should be avoided. A handsome man is going to display masculine features not feminine ones. What are these trends? 

  • nail painting
  • hair coloring
  • make-up
  • skirts

Staying calm can make you look more handsome

Women find it attractive when a man is calm and in charge. Being stressed out is an unattractive trait. Women are looking for a good partner and parent to settle down with. Women are looking for someone who will be warm, patient and loving. Showing stress and being angry and out of control will make you look very unattractive. Stay calm and collected and appear so much more attractive. 







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