Dressing your Dad Bod and Looking good for yourself and your wife

Dad Bod Tips on fasion

Dressing your Dad Bod and looking good for yourself and your wife

After not thinking about fashion or even buying any new clothes for a few years, I decided to fix myself up a little. I bought some nice fitting, age-appropriate clothes and the effect it had on my life was remarkable. This is my story.

I woke up one morning in my mid-30s and realized that I didn’t like anything I had on hand to wear. My jeans were out of style, so loose in the legs that I think there was enough fabric to make a second pair. All my tee-shirts had a print that I was no longer willing to sport. My sneakers looked like they had better days. I was having a wardrobe crisis, and it was time for me to find age appropriate clothes that made me look and feel confident.

Changing your style takes Courage – From Dad Bod to king of the jungle

Changing your style will take courage. You will have to adjust to pants that fit different, matching accessories, and shoes that are not as comfortable as running shoes. But you will find the clothes that suit you perfectly. You will start to notice outfits on other guys that is your style. And you will build a wardrobe that will leave you being so thankful that you made a change.

Take pride in yourself

Much of time you put your family first, ok all of the time. But they need you to be at your best. Feeling good about your image is one way to gain confidence. Start with a single outfit that is fresh and stylish. Do you like it? Donest it makes you feel like standing up straight!

Know your body shape and work with it

This website focus’ on the Dad Bod, (statistically the average American male body shape). For the most part, a tee shirt is not a good look. But most men wardrobes are mostly made up of tee shirts. To look good in a tee shirt, you need larger shoulders and arms and be on the thin side. Try layers and a light jacket. This will make you look trimmer and hide your beer belly at the same time.

From Dad Bod to Sex Appeal

So many men don’t take care of themselves once married as they did when they were single. Once men are coupled, it seems that many of them are willing to let themselves go. So if you decide to take some simple steps to update your closet and style, you will be in the minority, and everyone will notice in different ways. Your wife will be the first one to notice and may suspect you have a mistress. The soccer moms will soon label you like the well dressed or handsome guy. And other men will see you as a leader and respect you without really knowing why.

The wife may do more to look better

Once your wife notices your new outfits (which will be right away), she will surely reward you with compliments and curiosity. Why the change? She will be suspicious at first but also relieved and understanding that you want to freshen up your wardrobe and dress more age appropriate. Not to be outdone, it will probably not be long before she takes her style up a notch and you will be the freshest looking couple on the block. Don’t let this spark go to waste and tell her how amazing she looks!

Dress within your budget

There is no upper limit to the cost of clothes. But upgrading your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean going into financial ruins. Shop smart and use sale opportunity. If you want something specific, know the price and wait for a sale. I do find that the original price does reflect the quality, but not always. The fit to your body is going to be the number one factor whether something looks good on you or not. Buy clothes that you can mix and match. A pair of jeans that fit just right can be worn with many outfits. The trick is to buy them without any unique markings like fancy pocket stitching or distressing that would be remembered. This way no one will ever know that you wear them so often.


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