Wear it with style, to tuck or not to tuck

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Wear it with style, to tuck or not to tuck

A button-down shirt can look great untucked. This style allows you to mix the sharp look of a button-down shirt, with a casual and comfortable untucked feeling. When does it seem right? What are the rules? And how to get it to look stylish and not sloppy. Here is some advice on what to do, what not to do.

The shirt style.

Buy a shirt that was designed to be worn untucked. The style that the shirt was intended for is the most critical variable on whether the shirt should be tucked in or not. Button down shirts that are designed to wear out will be shorter, and hang no lower than mid zipper or 2-3 inches below your waistline. Another way to gauge the length is by lifting your hands over your head. If your shirt rose up enough to expose your abdominal section, it is too short for you.

There are two types of button-down shirts.

  • Causal – you could never wear a tie with this shirt, it hangs to mid zipper when untucked. If you are a bigger guy who doesn’t like tucking your shirt in, make sure you buy casual shirts.
  • Dress Shirt – Usually 5 inches longer than a casual shirt of the same size. Looks great with a suit, or can be worn with jeans and a sports jacket, but always tucked in.

Try a slim fit to maintain the look of broad shoulders, rather than the shirt hanging straight down off your shoulders and making you look like your wearing a sheet. A button-down shirt should never be tight, allow 2 inches of fabric so you can move. The key is not to wear clothes too loose or to tight, no matter what your size, you need to find clothes that fit. Different brands will fit differently, but when you find your fit, you will look and feel amazing.

Traditional dress shirts are long. They were designed this way because having that extra length for the propose of keeping the shirt tucked into your pants. A dress shirt does not look right untucked because the shirt is too long. Do not wear this style of shirt untucked. The ideal length is when the shirt hangs at about mid zipper or 2-3 inches below the waistline. Hanging any lower will not look good. It will make you look like a child dressing up in men’s clothes at worst and just sloppy at best.

Short shirts look as equally as silly. The shirt should no show any of your bare skin when you are raising your hands or bending over.

The Shape of a man’s body is classified into five different shapes.

  • Inverted Triangle – Broad shoulders and a narrow waist.
  • Trapezoid – Similar to the inverted triangle, but the shoulders and waist have let of a different size ratio.
  • Rectangle – Sholders and waist are similar sizes.
  • Oval – Similar to a rectangle, but plus a beer belly.
  • Triangle – Sholders are narrow compared to the waist.

Men's Body Shape Chart

If you assume the shoulder width doesn’t change, you can see how the waist gets more prominent as we move from left to right on the chart. Of course, though, shoulder width does change from man to man, but waist size will change much faster (for most people). This is because extra body fat is stored in the midsection on men. So by lowering your BMI (body mass index), you will automatically transform your body from a triangle or an oval to a rectangle or a trapezoid.

Having your shirt untucked can affect the overall shape of a man. A button-down shirt, when tucked in (or any shirt tucked in), will enhance the illusion of broad shoulders and a narrow waist. An untucked shirt can make a man’s body look more like a rectangle. Even if you are a rectangle, the right shirt will enhance your shoulder width. Ware clothes to flatter your body type.

Keep your shoulders back and have good posture. Good posture will make you look taller, broader, and pull your stomach in. Not to mention you will also look more confident and approachable.

Studies show that women are attracted to an inverted triangle shape body on a man. This is evolutionary theory and hardwired into every person. Broad shoulders and a narrow waist is associated with high testosterone and an alpha dominant man. These features make indicate a healthy mate with good geans.

A man is not necessarily fit even if he has an inverted triangle body shape, it is the width of the shoulders vs. the width of the waist that determines the overall shape. The specific ratio is the shoulder width to be 1.6 the with of the waste. This may sound cold and calculated, but it is one way how a female humans judges such factors as sex appeal, masculinity and good geans that a woman wants to pass on to her young, to ensure their ability to reproduce.

Dress for the Occasion

All formal events where people are dressing up will require you to tuck in your shirt. The only exception is a hot weather event, where people will be wearing short sleeve shirts that are quite often designed to be worn untucked.

Dad Bod Fashion Tips

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