10 things a woman notices about a man – her primal urges

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10 Things a Woman Notices about a Man

Her primal urges – What is a primal urge?

Primal urges are instinct, built in from birth. Why not use this scientific knowledge to tip the scale. We keep hearing about the hourglass figure or tall, dark and handsome, but why do these ideals never go away. The exact details of primal urgers could be argued until the end of time. What is that female intuition saying about you? Here are 10 things a woman may notice about you, whether she realizes it or not.

1. Cast the right silhouette, the magical inverted triangle

Look masculine by having broad shoulders and a trim waist.  This body shape is called an inverted triangle. One way to build this shape is by wearing a jacket that will build up your solders. The coat will enhance your shoulders and make your waist look trimmer, consequently, giving you an inverted triangle silhouette. Female are attracted to me with this shape because it represents a strong alpha man.

Other tops that have good structure will also shape your body in this way. The fabric of the shirt will form your body and give you a desirable shape. Skeptical? Why do you think woman love lulu lemon so much? Clothes can undoubtedly shape your body.

Having the jacket zipped or buttoned will add to the effect by making you look leaner by pulling the coat close to your body. Another little trick to build up your chest is to wear a shirt with two breast pockets. The extra fabric will enhance your chest to waist ratio.

Notice the seam lines on your clothes, are they in line with your shoulder joint? If not your shoulders will look round, this is not a desirable look. Round shoulders give off an unapproachable vibe.

2. Smooth Movements will put her at ease

Have you ever been around someone and they just seemed jumpy? One of our primal forces is to keep out of the way of physical danger. Our senses are in overdrive if we are not comfortable with a person or if they are bigger then ourselves. So when around woman, have an open posture, move smoothly. Approach from a visible angle, don’t do anything to scare her. Be more predictable in your movements, and she will relax and feel more comfortable. 

3. Your Hands speak to the Subconscious

Very closely related to #2 is your hands. Keeping your hands visible and non-threatening is another type of body language that you want to adopt. Threatening hand gestures could be holding your hand in a fist or pointing your fingers. Disarm yourself with open and non-threatening hands to make your presence feel comfortable.

4. Your Face is a Window

She is going to look at your face. Make sure you make a bit of eye contact but don’t stare or lock eyes. Staring is threatening. She is going to make an estimate of your age and look at your facial hair. Your facial hair is another way she will gage your masculinity and judge whether you are an excellent alpha man.

Some woman like facial hair and see it as a significant masculine feature. If you can’t grow a thick beard do not try to fake it with a thin, weak one, this will single to a woman that you are not an alpha. If you can’t grow a thick beard, but would still like to show facial hair, keeping your beard very short and trimmed to look like scruff can sometimes work well.

5. Do on to others, Your Mannerisms 

Your mannerisms are not going to be on display until you start to speak with her and others. She will notice do you introduce yourself, do you spread out the conversation, are you inclusive, do you talk just about yourself.

You will also be observed as you speak to people in your everyday encounters. Do you leave her asking herself, “Why was he so rude to the waitress?”

6. If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine

She will remember your smile. Smiling is a way to communicate that you are friendly. Practice your smile and find the right smile for you. A man that can master a good smile has a significant advantage.

Smiling is body language, but it is not as discreet as other types of body language. Of course, a smile is just a smile and people are not always aware of when they smile. But don’t underestimate the welcoming mood that a smiling face can set.

7. Clothes make the Man

A woman will look at your clothes and judge your style. The key is to have a good fit, fabric, and function no matter what your specific style. Wearing classic looks are a great way to take a lot of the guesswork out of this. Taking care of your clothes and looking fresh is necessary.

8. Your language ability

In a woman’s mind, your speech is a good indicator of your IQ and your education level. It is best not to try to trick anyone in this category. Speak with confidence and don’t go out of your way to use words that are not your everyday speech, it is not worth the risk. Noone notices if you are using common words, but people will surely notice if you misuse words because you won’t make sense.

Speach also communicates an overall feeling that is referred to as tone. Be in charge of your tone, and mood that you may set. Don’t portray such emotions such as aggression or passion unless you want to. Your tone is a way that a female will gauge your emotional level or stability.

9. Few men wear fragrance

Surely no one has to tell you to shower and wear deodorant. And as far as pheromone go, that is out of our control. But you can always wear cologne. Only 1 in 5 men wear cologne on a regular basis. Cologne is a bit of a highly debated area because woman seems to be quite sensitive to fragrance. However, cologne is a sign of status and can be very attractive. I would recommend wearing a minimal amount of a popular, best-selling fragrance.

10. Style detail

Once she gets up close, she may start to notice small style details like the type of watch, the brand of clothes, or your shoes. Your style detail is going to be mostly a test of sophistication and your ability to appreciate finer things. Kock-off items are not respected, having something real in your price range is a much better choice.

10 things a woman notices about a man – her primal urges

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