10 Tips to Look Thinner Today

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10 Tips to Look Thinner Sporting a Dad Bod

1. Stand up straight and look taller and thinner

Posture is by far the cheapest and quickest way to look thinner, in fact, it is free. It is old advice that won’t go away because it is valuable cannot be understated. Pulling your shoulders back and keeping your chin up causing your gut to pull in. If you have to fight with your body to hold a proper posture, you may want to find some posture improving stretches. Stretching will open up your shoulder joints and make you look broad rather than have round shoulders. Look at the picture below, don’t you get the feeling that the person standing up straight is happier? 

dad bod posture 

2. Loose and baggy clothes will make you look like you have something to hide

Loose clothes may feel like they look great, but they don’t. You may feel like the looseness of the clothes hides your chum, but it makes you look bigger than you are, and to add insult to injury, it makes you look sloppy. You should not have more than 2 inches of extra fabric. If it is too big, get a smaller size, or try a different style. Not every shirt will fit you, but when you find the one that does you will be happy you put in the effort. 

3. Jeans/ Pants

Jeans has to be an essential article of clothes that people get wrong. Here is what you need, a straight or regular fit that fit your waist size. Buy a darker color. Have them hemmed to match your height perfectly. You now have an excellent pair of pants to go with many different outfits.

4. A  jacket can broaden your shoulders

Whether a bomber, sports jacket or any other type of jacket, this will work well with a Dad Bod. Jackets do many things if worn right. 

  • A jacket will broaden your shoulders making your waist look smaller by comparison. Broad shoulders and a narrow waist is attractive to a woman. 
  • A jacket adds a layer. Layers make you look trimmer, be sure to wear thin fabric. 
  • Lightweight jackets will hang off your shoulders, and heavy ones will pull you down. 
  • Sports jackets will instantly transform your shape, but most settings are too casual to wear a sports jacket. Other types of casual jackets will have the same broadening effect. 

5. Enhance your chest

Like broad shoulders, having a big chest will make you appear trimmer. Try wearing shirts with two breast pockets to enhance the size of your chest. The two breast pockets add extra fabric and stiffness in the perfect area to make your chest look firm. 

6. Wear dark colors

Dark colors to hide bulge is not a well-kept secret. But it is simple and it works. Black, charcoal, dark brown and navy. There will be critics that will want to brighten you up with color, but remember you are the style expert and you will be the judge of what will look good on you. 

7. Solid colors or tight stripes

Like bright colors, patterns and stripes are not a Dad Bods friend. Keep your color choice solid and your stripes tight. In order to keep the eye away from your mid-section, do not wear a belt that will contrast. Your outfit should be matching colors from your top to your pants with no breaks to use this monochrome technique properly.   

8. Being taller spreads out your weight, the right shoes can help

Clean and stylish shoes are key. Bulky footwear will make you look short and this makes you look bigger than you actually are. Women notice shoes, in fact, it is an easy way to instantly judge your level of style and class. Never be caught without a nice pair of shoes on, and don’t forget to match your belt. 

Shoes are also an excellent opportunity to make yourself look a bit taller. Bulky shoes will make you look shorter than you are. A shoe with a heal or a thick sole can add an inch or two to your overall stature. If you still need a bit of help in the height department, try insole lifts to gain up to an additional 2 inches. 

Running shoes are not a good look unless you are going to work out. Many men wear running shoes as their casual shoe, not a good look. 

9. The bulk you carry vs the bulk in your pockets

Having stuff inside your pockets add bulk to your midsection. Just think about it, a big fat wallet, cell phones that screens only get bigger all the time. And key chains that car fobs. That is just the necessary things that everyone has. So what do you do? Here are a couple of suggestions. 

  • Wallet – get a thin wallet, if not for daily use, for occasional use when you need to be as trim as you can be. 
  • Keys – Don’t carry keys that you don’t need. Car key and house keys are enough.
  • Cell Phone – This is a tricky one. One solution is to put your phone in the inside pocket of your jacket. 

10. Shape your body with a compression undershirt

Spanks, also known as a compression shirt. Provides an immediate body slimming appearance. Spanks is an excellent option if you do want to wear more of a slim fit shirt. The compression shirt is worn like an undershirt and is practically invisible with a low neckline. It does a great job of holding everything in quite well; I bought a couple of different ones to try out and became instantly addicted. A compression undershirt is as close as you will come to a magic weight loss pill. 

Rock the styles that make you look good. 

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